The question of 2014 – nice ass


There once was a festival I danced and made music at… where the tree’s and stage were built brilliant and high, and lots of fun was had dancing on stage in the shadow boxes.  A random festival attendee was clearly overly distracted by my ass. Over the weekend I received so many complements from him pointing out my backside, it got awkward… so my partner and I discussed it, and the question of the year started!

The question of 2014:

How many times can you receive the same complement (for example, nice ass), before this same statement becomes both awkward, and then moves to harassment due to being repeated so frequently? SO… how many is too much? is once an hour ok? At what point does the repeated statement transition from a complement to harassment? 3 times and you’re done?

For me – is about how the person receiving the comment does or doesn’t reciprocate. Be mindful of this, from both sides. Thank you once, I work hard at it. Thank you twice, ok, I get you noticed, again. Thank you 3 times… what are your intentions? Cui Bono.

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