True love, oh F’n hallmark!

When visiting my folks – hallmark channel movies are our thing.

Hallmark has jaded me, but not how one would expect! Not buying it – not real- and I’m not settling. Nope! Not in life, not in love! Hallmark isn’t real life!!!

I thought my night in shining armour had arrived – I married and divorced an ass wrapped in tinfoil! I joke – my knight in shining armour is still lost – not wrapped in tin foil nor in shining armour, lol and prob high as a kite riding a turtle lost in the desert wondering where one finds true love – as he’s not here – lost is a thing.

I’m not giving up, nor in. It’s more about having been hard-bitten by the illusion of love, taken hard, and now owning I’m super shy. My ex and my ex-best friend have jaded my thoughts on what love is. Fuck those guys!!!

It’s not about the butterflies, or a wish to come true…

It’s knowing someone is there, and being there for them no matter what. I have that, it’s called friends & my dog.

Santa baby (humming the tune) come on down my chimney tonight!!! Lol or don’t, I’m actually ok with having loved and lost. I understand by choosing the wrong man to marry, I may have also missed my chance at finding what they call true love. I picked wrong, got played, lost more than just love – he took me financially. We think it was planned for years & execution of his plan left me broken in the name of love.

He got caught – and I divorced his unfaithful ass!!! Sadly next came cancer… apparently it’s quite common for woman to be diagnosed with breast cancer w/in 2 years of major trauma like divorce – I’ll save that rant on stress as a killer for another post.

Since then… learning that every day is important to live full on – I’ve learned to tell my friends & family that I love & appreciate them.

Romantic love – well that’s the bullshit hallmark fairy tales are made of. And as much as I like the hallmark channel – life there is so not real – fake snow and all!

Love makes one do stupid things, however every love be it friend, family, or eternal – staying silent and hoping it will play out – I still sing the classics… oh Santa baby… followed by… baby it’s cold outside. Both are good tunes, neither work in my life.

This is why I own a dog. I miss her the most when I travel.

Puppy’s cuddles – so real, so true, so raw.

Bug – miss you & longing to cuddle again soon.

Until then f’n hallmark movies are happening.


#hallmarkisntreal #fakelove #puppycuddlesrule

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