Are you listening? Is this a conversation? or do you just want an audience?


Like I’m playing a game of broken telephone with my life. People don’t listen well, and often are formulating their response to the first bit of what’s been said, well before the thought is fully communicated; in doing so, missing half the message.  I’m learning to get my thoughts out quick, as with some I can almost see their bated breath waiting for a pause so share their thoughts, I question… are you really listening?  Is this a conversation?

Have you played broken telephone? I did as a kid – it’s a group exercise where one person whispers a secret message to the next person, the goal is re-communicating the exact same message privately on to the next person, and so on through the group. When it gets to the last person in the circle/group, the 1st and last person compare messages.  The message sent out is not the same to what was received in the end. Sometimes far from it.  If you’ve never played, I suggest you try it.  It shows us something – as humans we un-intentionally put our own spin on things.

I have brain fog from chemotherapy. Accepting that my mind works a bit slower now, and sometimes I have difficulty finding the words to what I want to express.  My speech has pauses.  When I’m looking for a word mid-speech, sometimes it’s taken as an opportunity to jump in, many times trying to complete my thought for me.

But they aren’t completing my thought – they’re actually completing their thought. It’s that whole I’m not who you think I am – You are who you think I am.  Whoa… think about that.

There’s a reasonable chance we’re not on the exact same thought process, although we might be close in thought – the odds go against you when you didn’t wait for me to complete my thought.

So this becomes the question… do you want a conversation? or do you want an audience? Do you want to vent, or do you want my opinion? These are good questions… and each type of conversation allows for different protocols for me. But if you’re asking me a question, and you finish my sentences when I’m trying to answer you – seriously. WTF

With respect –  I like finish my own sentences. It’s a thing!

Competitive conversation I find less than pleasant, and so is having to repeat one’s thoughts.

Be mindful of the pauses…

Today’s painting is a fluid acrylic dirty flip cup on a 10″ x 20″ gallery wrapped canvas (posted with my water mark).




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