More heart felt gratitude, less defeating attitude!


Some day’s I have to work harder at this than others. These are the day’s when my body and mind disagree on what can and should get done.

Oh winter…

Mixing paint or prepping a canvas tests my nerves, not always easy, but so worth it!  Here is another one of my fluid paintings on 10″ x  20″ gallery wrapped canvas, posted here with my watermark. Loving this colour profile of blue, green, purple, and gold –   Enjoy!





  1. Met you today at the Weed shop and you were most helpful. Thank you. Name’s Bruce, the older guy. Read your comments and partial bio, really like your attitude. Your best defence really, on many fronts. Would you mind assisting me online when I need grow advice? Your knowledge of things green makes you the Queen of Grow. Lol. All the best, Bruce.
    Btw, I am working on a stage musical and and ADD. Any suggestions on strains for motivation and creativity? Thanks again.


    1. Thank you Bruce 🙏🏻
      For growing do check out the FB group I mentioned “Alberta growers helping Alberta growers”, I’m one of the admin’s and grateful to be part of an amazing resource group for asking grow questions. As for the medical side – I would recommend looking at a more specific medical cannabis type group for recommendations on strains. 🌱❤️


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