Building a life you don’t need vacation from!

img_2361Do you know what makes you happy? I do.

It took me a while to understand what that looked like for me, and I now challenge anyone to wake up every day and do something that makes them happy.

Sounds easy… some day’s it’s a huge challenge.

For me it started with trying new things that maybe could do it, much of this was pure childlike exploration. And there were definitely day’s I felt lost, and not sure what happy was.

I also gave myself permission to not do a thing when I found I didn’t like it – spending some effort looking inward and processing the emotions felt when my good idea turned into a not so much.  Just NO to fake it until you make it, as that often becomes fake it until you fail – and I wanted success. It was all try until you identify!

Over time I learned what makes me happy, what makes me smile, what matters to me, and what doesn’t.   I also learned how to exit somewhere quickly and gracefully, with a smile and no apologies.  I identified what I want, and how to make plans for both actual things, as well as setting time aside for self-care and spontaneous adventures… It’s a happy balance.

Everyday is a good day, some are just way more awesome than others!

Today’s painting I explored a new technique: a ring fluid-pour on gallery wrapped 12″x 12″ canvas (displayed with my watermark).

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