Product Review: InkBird temperature and humidity bluetooth smart sensor

Monitoring our grow environment can be a game changer! If you’re not considering daytime and night-time temps and humidity – you should.

Temperature and relative humidity have an inverse relationship. So as air temperature increases it can hold more water molecules, and so relative humidity will decrease. And inversely when temperatures drops, the relative humidity increases.

Why does this matter?

This inverse relationship of relative humidity to temperature means that on the overnight as your temp drops – your humidity will rise! Sometimes significantly.

Well… there is nothing more sad than a fully flowering bud riddled with bud rot due to high humidity and lack of airflow.

The Temp Goal courtesy of grow weed easy:

The humidity goals:

For veg 60%

For flower 30-45%

Now that we know what our humidity and temp should ideally be, How do we know what it is in our grow environment?

This brings me back to this Inkbird bluetooth humidity and temperature sensor… One must monitor our environment to really know. And this handy little bluetooth device does just that.


With a quick download of an app for my phone, I can see what my temperature and humidity is in the “now” and a graph history without being in the room!!!

So much WINNING!


I like how it shows battery life, which has done quite well – in the 6 months I’ve owned, it, it started out in my greenhouse monitoring early spring peramaters before being repurposed into my indoor grow space. Despite all the temperature extremes I can throw at it – it still has 65% battery left! Update: battery lasted approx 10 months.

Should you be out of range, the temp and humidity numbers appear grey vs black. It also shows the last reading with the numbers are greyed out while it connects and downloads the latest update. You can also use the slider to narrow down what you want to display.

It does have alerts you can setup that work when you are within bluetooth range, but being bluetooth – they do not work if you are not in range and the app isn’t open.

My favourite feature is the “diagram”  giving you this nifty little visual. If you click on the calendar in the upper right corner, you can switch between daily, weekly, or monthly views and allowing you to switch between humidity and temp. Downside is the loading time before it reads “success reading” in green.



A very affordable means to track temp and humidity,   So… awesome for when I’m at home, less so for when I’m not.

I definitely like the graph diagram for tracking purposes.

Now if they only would make the humidity controller wifi…

Happy growing!


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