My Garden of fucks…


The joke is that I give zero fucks.  Oh I have a garden of fucks – and it’s special!

My fabulous garden of fucks is a secret, metaphorically with tall walls that you can’t see through, topped with electrified barbed wire.  This is where I grow my soul food, and where I let those deep ideas take root.

When it comes to people, I resonate to those who also have a garden themselves.  Those who understand how precious their ideas are, and who have created a private space to foster them.  I like talking gardening, discussing the details of how to fertilize the mind, and learning about how we use our garden tools differently while growing our ideas.

Then there are the aspiring gardeners, they understand that they want to grow fucks, however they have no idea to go about it.  You often find these types trying to learn all about your garden, and always want to talk gardening.  Often they try to find your secret garden, hoping to look over the fence to see what fucks are worth fostering.  Maybe one day once they’ve fostered their own garden of fucks we can compare.  Until then… I’ll talk about how to build a garden, however without a garden of their own – I give zero fucks away.

And then there are the vermin. Just NO! Prevention is always better than dealing with them once they’ve infiltrated your garden.  Vermin will often try to sneak their way in, and depending on the kind you’re dealing with – they have created havoc ransacking a garden often stealing a feast and uprooting the ideas they didn’t grow.  Fuck those guys!

The more gardening success I have, the more I seem to have to defend my growing fucks.   Just like any garden,  some will establish a strong roots, and others will fail to blossom.   Just keep getting your hands dirty in your garden of fucks!


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