Solo-Cups for Seed starting: Drain-hole Tutorial

In anticipation of spring, I start my garden early indoors. This can mean a LOT of starting pots – I use Solo cups. Here how I make the drain-holes in the bottom.


These cups then get filled with a moist (not wet) seed starting mix and then planted with seeds or clones.

When planting – my best advice is to read the seed label! Some seeds like strawberry want a cold cycle once planted in order to germinate, seeds like cannabis or tomato seeds are often started in paper towel before gently transferring into the cups. The squash seeds in this video were direct sowed: Seed into soil, cover, and water – simple!

I then cover the cups to maintain moisture, and put them in a warm dark area to sprout. Depending on the temperature in your location – you might need a seedling starting heat mat.

Once the seedlings pop up, I remove the cover and expose to light.

Happy Growing!


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